Guns N’ Roses – Collector’s Edition


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Collector’s Edition
• Appetite for Destruction Mirrored RadCal Cabinet Art Package
• Appetite-Purple Powder Coat + Laser-cut Cabinet Trim
• Purple Emotion Plastic Set
• Hand Drawn Band vs Barron CE Mirrored Backglass
• Individually Numbered and Limited to 500
• 600+ Individually Controlled RGB LEDs
• JJP Sparkle Gibson Headstock Upper Playfield with 6 Ball Lock
• 4 Flippers
• Individually Controllable RGB LED Hotrail Lighting
• Triple-Kinetic Diverter Fender Bass Head Mini Playfield
• Triple Path 4-String Bass Ramp Wireform
• 2 Full Motion Articulating RGB LED Stage Spotlights
• High Hat and Cymbal Interactive Drum Kit Pop Bumper Toys
• Analog + Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity
• Shaker Motor
• Invisiglass
• Signature Card Signed by Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash
• Drumstick Ramp Signed by Frank Ferrer
• Unique CE-Exclusive Playfield Artwork featuring JJP Sparkle
• Skull and Rose Shooter-housing Sculpture
• Individually Controllable RGB LED Under & Rear Cabinet Lighting Kit
• Sideblades Interior Cabinet Artwork
• 60Watt JJP Sound Bar with Individually Controllable RGB LED Lit Topper
• Rose Flowers Action Button Sculpture
• COMA Outlane Ball Save Physical Lock-up Feature

Game Features
• 21 Full-Length Studio Master Recordings of GNR Favorites
• Exclusive Original Pinball Music created and performed by Slash
• Exclusive Original Instrumentation and Sound Effect Recordings performed by Slash,
• Duff McKagan, and Richard Fortus
• Game Narration By Duff McKagan and Melissa Reese
• Additional Voice Recording by Axl Rose, Slash, Richard Fortus, Frank Ferrer,
• Dizzy Reed and GnR announcer MC Bob
• Timed Play option for every song
• Original Hand-Drawn digitally printed Playfield, Cabinet, and Backglass Artwork
• Live Footage and Concert Screen Animations from the Not In This Lifetime World Tour
• Showcased on the 27” Backbox Display
• Jukebox Attract Mode Option
• New JJP Hotrails -Illuminable Non-Destructively Mountable Side Rails
• Selectable Content Settings: Family Friendly(default), Adult-Adds explicit songs, video
• content, and voice work
• 120 Watt 2.1 Stereo Sound System
• Bluetooth Headphone and WIFI Connectivity
• Drumstick Ramp: 2 Real Frank Ferrer Thunderchucker Vater Drumsticks
• Divertable Ramp(s)
• 2 Chrome Catwalk Steel Return Ramps
• Inner Loop Jump Ramp
• Direction-Sensing Spinning Platinum Record Playfield Toy
• Sculptures: Slash’s Iconic Top Hat, Screaming Axl Rose, Concert Speaker Stack
• 2 Guitar Pic-shaped RGB Lit Spinners
• 30 RGB GNR Hexagonal Stage Lighting
• 1 Exposed Core Playfield Magnet
• 3 pop bumpers
• Lockdown Bar Action Button
• Skill-Challenging Extra Ball shot

Sound: on